Yoga with Angie Never

Yoga with Angie Never combines the best of a safe, aligned Hatha Yoga practice with the fluidity of gentle Vinyasa Yoga to create a practice that is accessible and enjoyable for all participants.  These drop-in classes include postures from all of the major asana families, with special focus on a different theme each month.  In this mixed-level environment, challenges will be included for those who need a little more and modifications will be given to those who want a little less.  All levels, from brand new beginner to experienced yogi, are welcome to attend.  You'll leave class each week with a printed sequence to help you create a personalized care plan you can incorporate into your daily routine.

Sundays at 12:30 PM (75 minute class) at Sacred Shimmy Studio.  Please note, this class is BYOP - bring your own props!  $10 per class.  This class sells out frequently, so pre-registration is suggested.

Featuring "The Art of Letting Go" in March, and "Finding Strength" in April.

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