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La Belle Musette combines the plaintive notes of French accordion with complex Middle Eastern rhythms to create a sound that is both very modern and truly timeless.


This is music for strolling on foot through the great cities of the world, for lounging over tea at a cafe, for holding hands as you cross the bridge to the other bank.

For a sample of this unique blend of the familiar and the exotic, check us out on YouTube.

Zach Beery

Zach Beery - Percussion

Zach started playing piano as child with his grandmother and has focused on his main instrument the darbuka since 2004.  He has studied with masters in the U.S., Morocco, and Turkey and has been performing with Cabaret and Tribal bellydancers for more than a decade.

Angie Never - Diatonic Accordion

Angie was classically trained on double bass and spent most of the 90s with a bass guitar in her hand.  Inspired by the incredible soundtrack to the movie Amelie and a beautiful instrument in a resale shop, she recently picked up an accordion and has spent most days since trying to figure out what to do with it.

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