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Zach Beery
Zach Beery

Beat Science Rhythm Classes for Drummers and Zillers

Beat Science is an organized, goal-oriented percussion class for dancers and drummers.  Students learn in a supportive environment for zills, doumbek, and frame drum.  The class covers aspects of being a good musician including rhythm, timing, tones, and advanced techniques to better understand belly dance music.  Absolute beginners welcome. 

Weekly classes are held on Mondays at 7:00 PM at Sacred Shimmy Studio.  


For details about current Beat Science classes and special workshops, check the Sacred Shimmy Studio Facebook page, or e-mail instructor Zach Beery

Music by Zach Beery


About Zach Beery

Zach Beery is a musician who has devoted fifteen years to the study, performance, and composition of bellydance music on darbuka, frame drum, and Turkish saz. 


He began his musical journey as a child at the piano bench beside his Grandmother, but serious study of an instrument began when a bellydancer bought him a drum and a rhythm workshop.  Since then, he has traveled to meet masters of Egyptian and Turkish music to learn the craft of Arabic percussion, as well as rounding out his education with an intensive study of Indian tabla under Manoj Barua of Bangladesh.  


Combining the experience of more than a decade of working with dancers, audience feedback from hundreds of shows, and student input from teaching weekly classes, Zach has a unique insight into what works from both a performance and an instructional perspective.  He has been the musical director of Sacred Shimmy Bellydance since 2004, and in 2016 created an instructional series called Beat Science, the first consistent Middle Eastern drumming class in the region.  In 2018, he released “The Seeker,” a 13-track album of songs for bellydance practice and performance.  He has enjoyed teaching at national events such as Sacred Circles Dance Retreat (MI), Stone Soup Tribal Weekend (MO), and ATS® Reunion (CA), as well as working with regional dancers at The Hive: Embodiment Education Center (OH) and Lucky Cat Tribal (PA).  In 2019, in partnership with Melissa Platten of The Hive, he created a nine-month intensive study of the belly dance drum solo for dancers and musicians, culminating in two performances of the material.


Zach is currently focused on learning Egyptian classic melodies on Turkish saz, as well as creating material for his Beat Science classes and workshops at Sacred Shimmy Studio in Columbus, OH.

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Zach Beery is the proud recipient of a Support for Professional Artists grant (January 2020) and a Covid-19 Emergency Relief for Artists grant (May 2020).  Thank you to the Greater Columbus Arts Council for supporting world music in Central Ohio!