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13 songs for practice & Performance

by Sacred Shimmy Bellydance

This collection of thirteen songs is an expression of the growth of the past seven years.  Composer Zach Beery crafted these songs during hours of classes, troupe rehearsals, and performances, watching the faces of the dancers and the audience and attuning his ear to what seemed to make people come alive. He added knowledge from lessons with master drummers to his ongoing experiences, incorporating the dancers in the troupe who are also musicians to connect music and dance together. These songs were created for dancing, so bring them into your own journey of practice, study, and performance.

Available for download worldwide on February 23, 2018.

Or join us for our album release party in Columbus, OH!

Sacred Shimmy is more than just a group of bellydancers.  We are also an ensemble of talented musicians creating the beats that bring excitement to our shows, workshops, and classes.  We focus on complex North African, Turkish, and Middle Eastern style dance rhythms that enliven any party, wedding, hafla, or celebration.  This timeless music is the modern beat of our urban village.  

For more information about Sacred Shimmy music, contact Musical Director Zach Beery.  

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