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Tribal Bellydance and Music Classes and Workshops

Zach Beery

In our classes, lessons, and workshops, we strive to provide the highest level of Tribal dance and music training through attention to impeccable technique and ongoing training with the best dancers and musicians in our field.  All classes held at Sacred Shimmy Studio.

Tribal Bellydance Classes

Join this global family of dancers by learning Tribal Bellydance!  This style, marked by powerful, sassy fast steps and regal serpentine slow moves teaches you to align your posture, move your body to the beat, and play finger cymbals.  These classes includes precise instruction and drills to help you develop a strong foundation for your practice and performance.   


Fast Fundamentals for Tribal Bellydance (beginner friendly!)

The fundamental fast moves of Tribal Bellydance are powerful, percussive, and sassy as hell. Join this class for six weeks of action-packed, hip-powered moves that turn, travel, pivot, and spin.  We'll also get your fingers involved by learning finger cymbals to show just how much you love that beat.

Six week session, taught by Angie Never.  Wednesdays at 7 PM.  2019 sessions start March 6, June 5, and September 4.  Register now!


Slow Fundamentals for Tribal Bellydance (beginner friendly!)

The fundamental slow moves of Tribal Bellydance are muscular, serpentine, meditative, and powerful.  Join this class for six weeks of circles, infinity signs, and undulations. 

Six week session, taught by Angie Never.  Wednesdays at 7 PM.  2019 sessions start April 17, July 17, and October 16.  Register now!

Group Improvisation for Tribal Bellydance (intermediate)

Putting the Tribe in Tribal! Grab all the wonderful moves you've been practicing in Fundamentals and learn how to dance them with friends! We'll be working with the magical concept of Group Improvisation, a cool way to create dances with other people without every having to say a word.

Six week session, taught by Angie Never.  Wednesdays at 8 PM.  2019 sessions start March 6, June 5, and September 4.  Register now!

More Moves for Tribal Bellydance (intermediate)

Add even more moves to your growing Tribal Bellydance vocabulary!  This series includes both fast and slow moves and combos to plug into your choreographies and improvisational dances.

Six week session, taught by Angie Never.  Wednesdays at 8 PM.  2019 sessions start April 17, July 17, and October 16.  Register now!

Tribal Bellydance for Advanced Dancers

This class is designed for the dancer with some mastery of the fundamentals who feels ready to develop their dance into something greater. Expand your movement vocabulary and learn many creative new ways to use these dynamic steps.

Ongoing, taught by Angie Never.  Sundays at 2 PM.  Teacher permission is required to attend.  Please contact angienever@gmail.com with any inquiries.

Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion Exploration (beginner friendly!)

Tribal Fusion is a precise and sexy form of bellydance characterized by percussive locks, serpentine undulations, and a precise control over the body's relationship to music.  It's expressive, challenging, and fun!  In this class, we'll practice bits and pieces of our favorite moves with exteme precision and attention to detail, then tie them all together in a complimentary combo.  We'll learn a new combo each week!

Ongoing, taught by Angie Never.  Wednesdays at 6 PM.  Register here!

Oasis: a Tribal Sword Choreography

Learn a full sword choreography with the option to show off your skills at a public performance.  This intermediate level choreography involves fluid sword handling, balancing, subtle levels, and travelling moves, to a song composed of four different rhythms and tempo shifts.  There's a lot to dig into here - come along for the ride!

Six class series, taught by Angie Never.  Sundays at 3 PM.  Class will meet on April 21, April 28, May 12, May 19, and May 26, with a special pre-performance group rehearsal on May 25.  Register here!

Beat Science Rhythm Classes for Drummers and Zillers

Beat Science is an organized, goal-oriented percussion class for dancers and drummers.  Students learn in a supportive environment for zills, doumbek, and frame drum.  The class covers aspects of being a good musician including rhythm, timing, tones, and advanced techniques to better understand belly dance music.  Absolute beginners welcome.  

Five week session, taught by Zach Beery.  Mondays at 7 PM.  E-mail znever@hotmail.com for information.

Digging In: An Online ATS® Practice Intensive

Many dancers are challenged by incorporating practice into their regular routine. Even when time is available, it's hard to know what to do without some structure to guide you. This nine-week intensive will bridge the gap between intention and action and allow you to approach self-practice within a community of dancers with similar goals.

Each week of the Intensive you’ll receive two e-mails.  The Sunday e-mail will contain links to that weeks’ three practice videos – bellydance, strength training, and yoga.  The Wednesday e-mail will contain journal and reflection assignments and a bonus practice to keep you focused throughout the week.


What’s included:

  • 9 dance drill videos using American Tribal Style® bellydance, drawing from moves of all levels

  • 9 strength training videos to help you stay pain-free and develop new abilities

  • 9 yoga videos to help you open for fluid and flexible movement

  • 9 journal assignments to engage your brain and encourage it to work for you

  • 9 creative bonus practices

  • Feedback on all completed homework assignments from course instructor

  • A Facebook group for Intensive participants for sharing homework and communicating with other members of the group

  • Group challenges and assignments to unlock additional material!


This session of Digging In will run from March 4 through May 5.  Registration is now closed.  Stay tuned for information about the next round!